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5 Tips to Properly Care for your Sunglasses

The sunglasses are an essential accessory for most people. The ideal way to protect yourself from UV rays, giving you a stunning look. But, if you don't take care of your sunglasses, they can get scratched, deformed, bent and broken. To keep your sunglasses looking new for longer, here's a quick summary of how to care for sunglasses. A few simple tips go a long way in ensuring you get maximum life.


1. Keep them in a case

Most good sunglass brands either ship their glasses in a case or give you the option of buying a quality case as an extra. Cases obviously offer the best protection, especially when placing your glasses in the bottom of a bag with keys, phones and other items that could scratch or deform your glasses.

2. Don't place sunglasses on top of your head

The sun has gone behind the clouds, you've gone indoors, or you want to take a closer look at the photo your friend just took. There are many reasons to take off your sunglasses during the day. The easy way is to simply pick them up and place them over your head. However, over time this stretches the frames, stresses the arm pins and generally bends your eyeglass frames. Over time your glasses will slide off your face like they are too big. An ideal solution is buy chains to pair with your glasses so you can take them off fearlessly at any time of the day while upgrading your style. You can even hang them on the collar of your shirt or store them safely in a case.

3. Clean the sunglasses with a soft cloth

We all do it. We clean our sunglasses with our t-shirts. Depending on how clean that material is and how soft or rough it is, you can do more damage than good - especially over time. You can easily carry a soft cloth in your sunglasses case for those moments when you need a little shine. Again, most good eyewear brands will include a cloth when you receive your new glasses.

4. Choose premium sunglasses that don't scratch easily

Daily life is demanding. You can't always be on your toes and eventually your glasses will take a few bumps, get stuck on some sand or maybe even sit on a moment of distraction. The best way to make sure your sunglasses last is to get glasses made from quality materials.

5. Avoid putting sunglasses on the car dashboard

Cars can get very hot under the sun and the dashboard is a hot surface just under the glare of the sun. The plastic frames will deform at the first sign of warming. Even the highest quality frames will buckle over time if constantly exposed to heat. Far better to keep your glasses safely in a case on the center console, or at worst, place them in the glove compartment of your car.

Taking care of your sunglasses by keeping them in a case, cleaning the lenses with a soft cloth (not your t-shirt) and pairing them with a stylish chain is the start of keeping your glasses fresh and new as long as you can!

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